Naxos’ local flora

Villa Almiriki not only offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean but also boasts a lovely hill garden. This garden is a carefully curated haven of indigenous plants and herbs, designed to thrive in the local climate while conserving water, a precious resource on the Greek islands.

Embracing the Local Ecosystem

At Villa Almiriki, the garden is much more than just a decorative space; it’s an integral part of the villa’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Understanding the challenges of gardening in a Mediterranean climate, the creators of Villa Almiriki opted to populate the garden with native species that are naturally adapted to the dry conditions. These plants not only require minimal irrigation but also offer the perfect habitat for local wildlife, promoting biodiversity.

A Palette of Native Plants

The garden showcases a variety of native species, each chosen for its ability to thrive with little water and its ecological benefits. These include drought-resistant shrubs, aromatic herbs, and flowering plants that bring color and life to the villa’s surroundings throughout the year. The selection ensures that the garden remains verdant even during the hot, dry summer months typical of Naxos.

Culinary Delights in the Herb Garden

Guests can enjoy the delightful scents of rosemary, sage and thyme. More importantly, these herbs are not just for fragrance; they are available for guests to use in their cooking, offering a fresh, organic touch to every meal prepared in the villa’s kitchen. This not only enhances the culinary experience but also connects guests with traditional Greek cooking practices.

Water Conservation Techniques

Water conservation is a critical aspect of the garden’s design. Advanced irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation are employed to deliver water directly to the roots of the plants, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.