Villa Almiriki

Villa Almiriki built from Naxian marble stones

Villa Almiriki is an independent house that is carved into the hillside on a unique amphitheatrical plot in the Stelida area of Naxos.

After having visited and lived on the island for many years, the owners chose to build on one of the very few locations on Naxos that have it all.

Enjoy your morning coffee in the sun on the terrace with an amazing view to the hills, villages, the sea on two sides and of course to Naxos town! Need a more radical wake-up? Just take a dip in the inviting private pool that has the same fantastic view and start your day the sportive way!

Under ‘Amenities & Details’ you will find a list of everything you can find in and around Villa Almiriki. As an extra, you don’t need to drag your kilos of bottled water from the supermarket every few days: the kitchen faucet gives you the possibility to double filter every glass or bottle of water you want to drink! Most kitchen appliances are Miele appliances and both a filter coffee maker and a Nespresso machine are awaiting you.

Whatever makes your holidays a success can be found in and around Villa Almiriki. Visit e.g. Prokopios Beach (at 1.5 km) that can be found in the Tripadvisor top 10 of best beaches in the whole of Greece (Crystalline Water and Dazzling Sunsets”), visit Stelida Beach at the foot of the hill,or take a nice long walk over St. George beach (at 2.0 km) to Naxos town. Enjoy your ouzo on the terrace when the sun paints the town red… or do it yourself! Naxos town has many and good restaurants, whether on the seafront or in one of the many alleyways. Shopping alert: calculate in some extra time if you want to visit the magnificent Venetian castle in town because some great shopping can be done on the way up: lovely shops with marble, clothes, good coffee, sweets, jewellery and lots more will seriously slow down your ascent! And then there is Naxos Island itself, with its endless beaches (< 20 km), countless villages and grand nature. Visit the village of Apeiranthos completely built out of marble, take a hike alongside a river where the turtoises live, or taste the delicious often organic food of the many self supporting village taverns.